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Besides the fact that energy is often wasted on both indoor garages and outside parking lots.  With Smart Lighting all the LED light fixtures can be designed for maximum economy through our lighting system design and through the smart lighting process which will detect the presence of occupied vehicles and people in the areas increasing the lumens as needed and dimming when not in use as desired by the operator.  R2M2 provides replacement effective LED lighting that will both reduce the number of fixtures required as well as significantly reduce your operating and utility expenses by thousands of dollars per month.

​Lighting is available in several formats.  There are the vapor tight enclosed LED tube fixtures that can replace the existing fluorescent fixtures, or there are Canopy LED fixtures that can be placed in more strategic places.  Wall Pack fixtures can be used in both parking garages as well as outdoor lots.

​For the outdoor lots, R2M2 offers smart LED fixtures that can be mounted on the existing poles within the lot as well as the Wall Pack fixtures for building structures.  Solar powered parking and street lights are available with a large range of wattage.

Solar Parking Light.png
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