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R2M2 offers complete ENERGY SOLUTIONS, including Energy Management Systems to reduce your operating expense and increase your profit.

As part of solutions that we offer, R2M2 specializes in energy efficient LED Lighting Solutions for Agricultural, Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Transportation applications.  Let us visit your facility and evaluate the lighting that you currently have, and we will prepare a quotation to both improve your lighting and reduce your power consumption and maintenance expenses.


R2M2 was started by 3 professionals bringing over 50 years of engineering and business experience together to offer state of the art products and services solutions to its customers. With Electrical and Industrial Engineering backgrounds, as well as over 25 years of architectural and building experience, we provide the end users with the application engineering and design choices to meet their specific needs and locations.

R2M2 directly distributes for manufacturers who have started production as early as 1990, progressing from bulb parts to full LED light bulb production in 2002.

The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of the most advanced electric lamps in the world. The products feature high performance-to-price ratio, environmental protection, safety and reliability, stable quality, long service life, simple convenient installation and maintenance and so on. The products are widely applied to interior lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting and urban landscape lighting.

The owners of R2M2 have been providing design solution, installation services and adaptivity to meet your particular needs. We have specific experience in electronics, power management design and products, transportation and industrial design, building adaptations, and railway applications.

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