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R2M2 provides exciting replacement lighting to all levels of the amusement industry.

Fluorescent and incandescent lighting can easily be changed to the LED tubes and/or fixtures offered.  Perfect for concession trailers or stands, games as well as the rides!  This reduction in power consumption will provide a reduction of a load on your generators as well as power distribution system.  Programmable pucks offer change in colors with various patterns.  This adds the extra attraction and beauty to your equipment.  Flood lights with Halogen or Quartz lamps can be replaced with units that will fit in the same space. For light towers, LED modules can replace the Metal Halide bulbs and transformers.

Like many industries, maintenance is a cost that no one likes.  LEDs not only consume less power, but they last much longer, and their warranties prove it.  Visit the Amusement LED catalog for more information.

50-600W Floods.png
E14 LED Front and Side View.png
5 45mm Pucks.png
Knuckle Mount Flood.png
Vapor Light.png
Ribbon Spool.png
Front & side View of a 45mm Puck.png
Backlight - Close up.png
T8s with Cords.png
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